The Royal Court

Loyalty: Episode 1- The Beginning

Ezekiel Miller is heading to Howard University on a full academic scholarship.

Not wanting to leave his best friend Gabriel behind, he convinces G to leave their hometown of Lake Shore and move to Washington D.C in hopes he can figure out his own niche in life.

Everything seems to be flowing perfectly for the two young men, until they agree to do a favor for that puts them in the midst of an unforgiving and ruthless business man named Hugo.

What once seemed like a promising future for Zeke, quickly shifts to being a nightmare as he now must pledge his loyalty to Hugo, or lose everything. Even his life!

How far are you willing to go to prove your loyalty?

Decisions will be made and lives will be changed. Forever!

Loyalty: Episode 2- The Holy Trinity

Four years after his encounter with the Infamous Hugo and losing his best-friend, Ezekiel Miller has moved on from his past and began putting his life back together.

With the help of the FBI, Zeke’s been able to keep his past hidden from the public.

But when Zeke mysteriously comes up missing, it starts to become clear that the spirit of Hugo is alive.

The spirit of Hugo resurrected through his off-springs, The Holy Trinity will stop at nothing to get revenge!

Coming Summer of 2019!

The Culture Report

“The Culture Report” is a combination of Hip-Hop and R&B news, mixed with some Black Celebrity gossip and topped with news of everyday black men, women and children displaying Black Excellence.

“The Culture Report” only reports from verified sources.


The Writer’s Corner

A collection of original poems, short stories, inspirational and erotic writings from various writers.


“Black Girl Magic”

The pink & green colors are inspired by Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) and the 111 years of their continued services to the community.

Other colors available*


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